What a Journey…

Well, after awhile of not adding anything to this site since before we left in the Summer of 2011 to begin our itineration process, we’re back. We’ve been busy beyond busy and yet not in the way you’d think.

God has a way of doing things that upsets our ebbs and flows, eh? We’ve had a tough time this past while, yet it’s been wonderful. Philosophy would call it, “sublime.”

Since February, we’ve been the senior pastors in a small, Upstate New York Assembly of God church and it’s unlike anything we’ve done before. “Tough” doesn’t quite seem to cover it, yet how we got here is the point. We were willing to do what God directed. He wanted Filipinos to take over the work He started through us and didn’t want us getting too attached to the work, as it seems. It was a hard, hard time this past winter as we struggled with hearing His voice clearly.

There’s a lot to say about it all and maybe I’ll talk about it on my personal log someday, but for now, let it be known that although we are in the States, we are continuing to minister and support in a new way, the work God continues by His Grace in Cebu among the Deaf.

A newsletter has just been published and after taking a look at the pictures, you can e-mail us for a PDF copy of it. Just visit the “Contact” above for the link. You can join us on the church’s social network very soon, as we’re getting everything online. Stay tuned. Truly, we’ll be updating at least once-a-week and we’ll put the links up as soon as we get them.