Water Every Tuesday…

Water Bottles...

5 April 2011

Yesterday, we were asked by a good friend and in leadership here on the field, what our biggest moment in ministry was this term. The relationship God established at the public school here was our definite answer. With that connection and relationship, everything else came together.

But what about the biggest moment in our everyday life here? The biggest POSITIVE moment in just the daily living, day-in, day-out? The answer may surprise you.

Since about the third month in our house, we have had Nature’s Spring water delivered to our house. For more than three years, the same fellow has delivered water CONSISTENTLY every Tuesday about 0930. He has always made change for the transaction when necessary even when we’ve had only larger bills with which to pay. He has never once tried, like everywhere else you go, to keep the change. Not once. He has been an honest, friendly, punctual and consistent fellow.

HE and his help have been an incredible bright spot in this dark place called Cebu.

Even in my reprobate days, I rarely took things for granted. When I did, something nasty always seemed to happen to me (having “fun” driving on icy roads when I was 20 comes to mind and the yard work I had to pay for when the car hit black ice and careened off the road – without hitting a single tree – into a front yard). But as a missionary in a dark place that has few scruples, everything has a heightened sense to it, like the taste of chocolate in a famine or the overwhelming joy of having a Bible in a gulag.

And so our water delivery guys.

It’s the little things of the everyday that we need to pay attention to. There, the jewels are revealed.